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4 Pack -UPG Razor E100 E125 E150 Electric Scooter Batteries UB1250 12V 5AH-F1

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4 Piece of UB1250 12V 5AH Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F1 Terminals  
  • Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid   
  • Voltage: 12 Volts   Capacity: 5Ah  
  • Terminal: F1 
  • Dimensions: 3.54 x 2.76 x 4.21 Inches  
  • Weight: 3 LBS Each battery
 Devices that use this battery include: 
Security: Emergi-Lite   12-631, 12JSM. Technacell   80018, M18, M18018, M19. ADI   EDRWWMPump, EDS, EPP, ERS, ICL1. Silent Knight   621, 622, EP1240, EP1245, EP124526, N7HR, S121, S122. Innovonics   RSM18, SAX. NAPCO Alarms   MA1016E, C2020, MA1000E4LB, MA1000E4LB PAK, MA1008E, MA1008LKDL, MA1016LKDL. Digital Security   1000010118, 1000010161. Acme   EZXRWWWEP, BEP, BHR, EDC104, EIC1, EP645, EZXWEP, M19017, TC645. UPS: APC   APC BF 280VA BF280C, Back-UPS office 250 BF250, Back-UPS office 280 BF280, Back-UPS OFFICE 350VA BF350, BACK-UPS OFFICE USB 350VA BF350U, BACK-UPS 350 ES350VA USB SUPPORT, BACK-UPS 500 ES 500 VA USB SUPPORT, Back-UPS ES 350VA BE350, BACK-UPS ES 500VA BE500. Unison   DP600. Leadman   LU550. SL Waber   
POWERHOUSE 250. Emergency Lighting: Panasonic   LC-R125P. Emergi-Lite   12JSM. Powersonic   PS-1250. CSB   GP1250. GS / Portalac   PE12V5. Exide   1000K, POWERWARE 1000K. National Power   GT024P6. BB Battery   BP5-12. Yuasa   NPH5-12. MK / East Penn   ES5-12.  
These Batteries are Factory Fresh and have at least a seven (7) year shelf life from date of purchase.

Battery life depends on:

  1. How powerful the device is draining the battery?
  2. What is temperature the battery is stored in. ( Important factor the temperature of the battery depends on the location the battery is stored in.
  3. How well the battery is cared for. Important factor, the battery chamber might have a tight seal,
  4. The usage of the battery. (The more often you use the batteries, the sooner they will run out of energy.