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CP650S Rechargeable Sealed AGM 6v 5ah Vision Lantern Battery- 2Pack

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Length: 4.29 Width: 2.64 Height:2.64 Weight 1.8 ( per Battery) Replaces DE-30045, BL-650-S, AP-645S, 6MD-4.5SP, DM6-4S, DM6-5S, DMU6-5S, CF-6V5L, CF-6V5LANT, CB5-6S, PS-650SP, HGL5-6B, 5EFF4, DG6-4E, DBG6-4E, MFHRB6, MFH-RB6, BSL0906, PC640L-F, SLA0916, G60, RB650L, DJW6-4.5S, LP6-4.5S, WP5-6S, ES506F, SP5-6F, 6V4R25S, PS-650LS, PS6-5ST, DE650-S, PC5-6L RM6-4R2S, SB 650 Lantern ST, SW650 Spring, TR5-6B, TP6-5S, MX-Q6050L, UB5-6S, UB650S, WKA6-5SP2.642.642.64