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Duracell Coppertop Duralock Alkaline C Size Battery 180 Pack + Free Shipping

Free Shipping
  • Duracell CopperTop is New and Improved to meet the growing needs of consumers.
  • The technology of CopperTop has been upgraded to provide advanced performance in popular battery powered devices.
  • CopperTop is best suited when you need reliable, long lasting life from your everyday devices!
  • The cells are also known as: LR14, R14, MN1400, UM2, HP11 # 1400-C
  • Cross Reference: LR14, R14, UM2, UM-2, MN1400, MX1400, PC1400, 14AC, 14A, E93, EN93, 814, AL-C, 7522, AM2, HP11