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Exell MRB625 1.35V Zinc Air Battery Z625PX PX625 PX13 V625PX

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EXELL MRB625 For all out there looking for the perfect replacement for the PX625, the Exell MRB625 is a great mercury-free option. The Exell MRB625 is a custom zinc/air battery designed to fill the void. Exell deliver the same 1.35 V voltage and stability of output as did the mercury PX625 batteries so there is no need to adjust your exposure. The Exell MRB625 batteries last much longer than hearing aid batteries, sometimes up to a year. To achieve this longer life, the MRB625 used a proprietary electrolyte and has only two small air holes, instead of the 7 larger holes found in standard hearing aid batteries. Specifications: • Type: Zinc Air • Voltage: 1.35V • Diameter: 15.6 mm • Height: 5.95 mm Also Known As: Z625PX / PX625 / PX13 / H-D / MR9 / KX625 / RPX625 / LR09 / PX625A / D625 / EPX625G / V625U / KA625 / RPX625A / V625U / EPX625BP / HD1560 / EPX625