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Exell S27PX 6V Silver Oxide Battery EPX27 V27PX 4NR43 KX27 HS3C

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EXELL S27PX The Exell Battery S27PX 6V Silver Oxide Battery is a silver oxide replacement battery for the ANSI / NEDA-1413MP, IEC-4RN43 batteries commonly found in cameras and other electronics. Specifications: • Type: Silver Oxide. • Capacity: 100mAh • Voltage: 6.0 V. • Diameter: 12.7 mm. • Height: 20.5 mm. Replacement: EPX27, V27PX, 4NR43, KX27, HS3C, PX27, PX27A, RPX27A, 4LR43, 4AG13, PX27S, RPX27S, 4SR43. Compatible: This PX27 replacement battery has been tested with the following Minox cameras: Minox C, Minox EC, Minox ECX, Minox LX, Minox TLX, Minox 35EL, Minox 35GL, Minox 35GT, Minox 35GSE, Minox 35GTE, Minox 35GTX, Minox 35PL, Minox 35PE, Minox 35AL and more.