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Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 - 48 Batteries

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Once we talk about the sensitive small devices, no doubt, the hearing aid devices will top the list for many. Keeping that special consideration into view, Rayovac, one of the leading battery producing company has brought a line of excellent hearing aid batteries. The all new multi-colored set of zinc air batteries can be directly substituted for silver oxide batteries and will typically provide the highest longevity and smooth durability for the group pf people using hearing aid devices. Rayovac, like all other similar batteries found in the market, has no exception to the industry standard color-coded system to make it easier to know what size battery your device need. Don’t forget to ask your doctor which color corresponds to the correct hearing aid battery. Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312- 48 Batteries ships as 6 wheels each containing 8 battery. • Features:  Longer, colored tabs clearly marked with the size make it easy for shopping, handling and inserting all our hearing aid batteries.  The perforated rounded edge makes the dial completely removable. The package size and shape were developed to fit comfortably in an open palm or discreetly in your pocket.  Highest capacity-to-volume ratio for miniature batteries.  Improvements in our cell design made room for more formula to power the battery.  Essentially constant internal resistance.  Most effective in applications that consume battery capacity in a few weeks.  Contains no added mercury.  Replaces all size 312 Zinc Air batteries, such as AC312 AZ312E • Specifications:  Chemical System: Zinc Air (Zn/O2)  Tab Color: Brown  ANSI/NEDA – 7002ZD, IEC – PR-41  Recommended Use: Hearing Aid Instruments  Nominal Voltage: 1.4 volts  Approximate Weight: .53 grams (.02 oz)  Approximate Volume: .17 CU CM (.01 CU IN)  Standard Capacity: 205 hours – 1500 OHM 12 hour/day to 0.9 volts at 70° F (21° C) and 50% RH  High Rate Pulse: 79 hours – 2 mA background,10 mA 100 mS pulse, once every 2 hours, 12 hours/day to 1.05 volts at 70°F (21°C) and 50% RH.  Storage Loss at 70° F (21°C): Less than 10% in one year with the tab applied