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Rayovac High Energy AA 90 Pack Alkaline Batteries

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Since 1906 Rayovac has been powering America. Rayovac products are made in the USA with US and global parts. Rayovac AA new High Energy Alkaline batteries is smart seal that allows more active ingredients. Provides steady power for more consistent performance. High Energy build with a high efficient case for delivering the maximum power for your devices. High Energy Long lasting batteries great for use in calculators, electronic gadgets, smoke alarms, digital cameras, and more.  Specifications  Chemistry: Alkaline Manganese Dioxide  Nominal Voltage: 1.5 volts  Designation: ANSI/NEDA – 15A (AA), IEC – LR6  Shell: Plastic  Length: 3.688  Width: 4.188  Height: 2.125  Weight: 1.610  Shelf life: 10 years  Associated Battery Sizes: AA, MN1500, LR6, E91, 4206/4006, KAA, AM3, 815, LR6, PC1500, EN91, A91-BP, LR6XE/LR6PA, LX6, 14564