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1.55Volt Silver Oxide Button Battery Replaces SR63, LR521, 179, SR521SW, SR521W 379. Use these batteries in Casio Models LQ379GL AND LX114, LW101 QW210 LW101C Lorus V2355080. Dimension: 5.8 mm diameter x 2.15 mm height. 1.55 volts. 14, 16 mAh.

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Fits and replaces: Duracell 379 Ann Klein 753M Ann Klein 10/7277 Energizer 379 Pulsar V2325960 Seiko 1N01-0019 R1 Seiko 1N01-5A69 Seiko 1N01-0G90 Seiko 1N01-0Cw0 Seiko INOI-0019 Seiko INOI-5A69 Seiko INOI-OG90 INOI-OCWO Seiko 2C21-5149 V401-0289 RO Casio MY622L7C2 Casio MY622L8C1 CASIO MY622L8C2 CASIO LY651GL2C CASIO LY651GL3C CASIO LY651GL4C CASIO LY651GL5C CASIO LY651GL6C CASIO LY652GL2C CASIO LY652GL3C CASIO LY652GL4C CASIO LY652GL5C CASIO LY652GL6C CASIO LY652GL9C CASIO LY672L7C2 CASIO LY672L8C1 CASIO LY672L8C2 CASIO MY602GL3C CASIO MY602GL5C MY602GL9C CASIO LFW70 CASIO MODULE QW331 CASIO LQ2010SG MODULE QW331 Casio SHN-4003D-1FEF Casio SHN-4003SP-7FEF Casio Module No. 1747Casio SHN-4004D-1CEF Casio SHN-4004D-7CEF Casio Module No. 1747 SONY SR521W Seiko V40-5129 Skagen Ladies Tank Style Seiko 2E20 Seiko Dolce & Exceline SWDE015 Seiko Caliber 2E20 Renata 379 LF1002 QW210 LF100G LF100GL5 LF120 LF120G LF140 LF140G5 LP300 LP310G LF140GL5 CITIZEN 28059 RAYOVAC 327 SBAC RENATA 50 IEC SR63 CITIZEN 28039 RAYOVAC RW329 9911 SBBW 531 RENATA 37 IEC SR66 Pierre Cardin JPD4000TS Seiko SXG741 Seiko Caliber 1N01 Ladies Seiko model 2E208311 V401 Alba V401 Alba, Alba Calibre V401, V235, Alba V235 Alba, Alba Calibre V235, V220, Alba V220 Alba, Alba Calibre V220, CITIZEN WATCH BATTERY 379, Fossil ES-9839 Fossil, Fossil 11060 Fossil, MAXWELL 521SW Maxwell, Fossil model ES9423 Fossil, Fossil ES9423 Fossil, Kenneth Cole watch KC2365 Kenneth Cole, Gucci 3000.2.M, Gucci Watch 3000.2.M, WITTNAUER QUARTZ, V 379, VARTA V379, VARTA V 379, Seiko analog wrist watch ladies SXGN30, Seiko SXGN30, Seiko analog wrist watch mens SXG238, Seiko SXG238, Pulsar 940049, Seiko V401-5121 Seiko, Seiko 320013WP Seiko, EVERYREADY 379, Ladies Seiko Model 5N8819, 379 BATTERY SEIKO, Bulova 618 Watch Battery, Mens Coach Wrist Watch Coach, Anne Klein II Watch 753H Anne Klein II, Swiss Army Startech watch, Fossil 9304 Silver, Fossil ES9381, ES9381 Fossil, 9304 Fossil, SR521SW SONY WATCH BATTERY, Citizen EcoDrive EK594050L, EK5940-50L Citizen, Citizen EK5940-50L, EK5942-54A Citizen, Citizen EK5942-54A, EK5944-59D Citizen, Citizen EK5944-59D, ENERGIZER 379, Eveready 379, UCAR 379, Ranata 379, RENATI 379, RENADA 379, 379 SILVEROXIDE CELL, Anne Klein watch 6668, Anne Klein 6668, 2P21, 2Y01, 2Y07, 4J27, 4J27B, 4J51B, 4J51, 4N01, 7G21, V220, V220B, V230, V231, V232, V233, V235, V401, V232, V220B, SBAC

This is from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute 2008 Edition Handbook on Battery Number System. This Battery is cross-referenced as: Eveready No. 379, UCAR 379, Rayovac RW326, Renata 317 (53), Renata 53, Renata 317, Varta V318/566, Varta V318, Varta 566, Varta V566, Omega 9938, 9938, Bulova 618, 618, Timex JA, Model JA, Seiko SBAC, Seiko SB AC, Seido DC, Citizen 28059, Citizen 28059, Citizen 280 59, ag0, lr63, SR521W, 379L, D379, SP379, 618, 280-59, JA, SB-AC/DC, SR521, SR521SW, SR63, V379, 2G38, 2G98 1191SO, SEIKO SR521SW, LR521, AWI S56, Energizer 379, SR521W, LR521, 280-59, SR63, Bolova 618, Gold Peak GP79, Duracell D379, 1N01A, 1N01A, 1N01B 1N01B Maxell SR521SW, Panasonic SP379 and SR521SW, Rayovac 379 and RW327, Renata 379(50), 1N01A Varta V379(520), Seiko SB-AC, Citizen 280-59, Timex CA, IEC SR521SW, SR 521 SW CELL, 379 WATCH BATTERY, 379 BATTERY GROUP, Skagen Watches, PULSAR 379.


Fits and replaces: Fendi Gents Fossil, Fendi Ladies, Armitron Diamond watch, F2 Fossil Watch ES1001, F2 Fossil, ES1001, Fossil ES100s, F2 Fossil Es1001, Fossil Ladies Wrist Watch. Used in many Fossil watches. You can easily determine the correct battery by asking for my free tools.

Movements: Casio QW210 Casio QW234 Casio QW330 Casio QW379 Casio QW565 Casio QW575 Casio QW576 Casio QW702 Casio QW703 Casio Citizen 2931 Citizen 2951 Citizen 593 Citizen ETA/ESA 980.001 ETA/ESA ETA 980.001 ETA ESA 980.001 ETA ETA/ESA 980.163 ETA/ESA ETA 980.163 ETA ESA 980.163 ESA ETA/ESA 801.004 ETA/ESA ETA 801.004 ETA ESA 801.004 ESA ETA/ESA 801.104 ETA/ESA ETA 801.104 ETA ESA 801.104 ESA Hattori V237A Hattori V238A Hattori F.E. 5120 F.E. FE 5120 FE F.E. 5124 F.E. FE 5124 FE F.E. 5130 F.E. FE 5130 FE F.E. 5180 F.E. FE 5180 F.E. 5184 F.E. FE 5184 FE F.E. 5820 F.E. FE 5820 FE Longines 175 Longines 176 Longines 178 Longines Miyota 5Y20 Miyota 5Y30 Miyota Omega 1460 Omega Ronda/Harley 751 Ronda/Harley Ronda 751 Ronda Harley 751 Harley Ronda/Harley 751SP Ronda/Harley Ronda 751SP Ronda Harley 751SP Harley Ronda/Harley 751/E Ronda/Harley Ronda 751/E Ronda Harley 751/E Harley Ronda/Harley 751.24 Ronda/Harley Ronda 751.24 Ronda Harley 751.24 Harley Ronda/Harley 753 Ronda/Harley Ronda 753 Ronda Harley 753 Harley Ronda/Harley 756 Ronda/Harley Ronda 756 Ronda Harley 756 Harley Seiko 4N01 Seiko Lassale 4N01 Lassale Credor 4N01 Credor Seiko 2C20 Seiko Lassale 2C20 Lassale Credor 2C20 Credor Seiko 2C21 Seiko Lassale 2C21 Lassale Credor 2C21 Credor Seiko 2E20 Seiko Lassale 2E20 Lassale Credor 2E20 Credor Seiko 2E70 Seiko Lassale 2E70 Lassale Credor 2E70 Credor Seiko 2G38 Seiko Lassale 2G38 Lassale Credor 2G38 Credor Seiko 2G98 Seiko Lassale 2G98 Lassale Credor 2G98 Credor Seiko 2P21 Seiko Lassale 2P21 Lassale Credor 2P21 Credor Seiko 2Y01 Seiko Lassale 2Y01 Lassale Credor 2Y01 Credor 5730A, 5Y30A, ETA 801.004, ETA 801.105, ETA 980.105, ETA 980.108, ETA 980.153, ETA 980.153HC, ETA 980.163, ETA 980.163HC, FE 5130, HATVB20, HATVC00, HATVC01, HATVC10, HATVC11, HATVX11, MIY5Y20, MIY5Y26, MIY5Y30, MIY5Y36, RON751E, RON751EHC, RON751HC, RON753, RON753HC, SEK2E20, CIT 5930, ETA 801.004, ETA 801.105, ETA 980.105, ETA 980.108, ETA 980.153, ETA 980.153HC, ETA 980.163, ETA 980.163HC, FE 5130, HAT VB20, HAT VC00, HAT VC01, HAT VC10, HAT VC11, HAT VX11, MIY 5Y20, MIY 5Y26, MIY 5Y30, MIY 5Y36, RON 751E, RON 751EHC, RON 751HC, RON 753, RON 753HC, SEK 2E202B20, 2B21, 2B31, 2C20, 2C21, 2E20A, 2E50, 2E70, 2E20B