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Sony 384/392 - SR41SW Silver Oxide Button Battery 1.55V - 1 Pack

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Manufacturing high quality batteries with high capacity retention on storage, Sony continues to provide reliable power sources for many hand held devices. Such as; Silver oxide battery which is a small-sized primary battery mainly used for wrist watches, using zinc as the negative electrode (cathode), silver oxide as the positive electrode (anode) plus an alkaline electrolyte. Sony 384/392 – SR41 Silver Oxide Button Battery is suitable for analog and basic digital watches and hand held devices that have a continuous, low power consumption. These battery cells are at top of the world with a reported failure rate of less than 1%. • Features:  High energy density  Excellent stable discharge characteristics.  Excellent leakage resistance  A comprehensive product line-up • Specifications:  Model: SR41SW  Chemistry: Silver-Oxide  Voltage: 1.55V  Capacity: 45mAh  Shelf Life: 5-7 Years  Diameter:7.9mm  Height:3.6mm  Weight:0.64g • Cross Section Bulova 247B, Citizen 280-13, Duracell D392, Energizer 392, Goldpeak 392, Maxell SR41W, Panasonic SP392, Rayovac 392, Renata 392, Seiko SB-B1, Sony SR41W, Timex K, Toshiba SR41W, Various AG3, Various LR41, Various SR41, Varta V392