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SONY PR13 Hearing Aid Batteries 10 Wheels 6 Per Wheel

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The SONY brand is a well-recognized for producing electronics, computing, and photo equipment. But did you know that SONY is also one of the largest micro battery manufacturers in the world. Designed and developed specifically for hearing aids, SONY zinc air batteries will power up your hearing aid with long lasting performance and reliability you can count on. • Specifications:  Brand: Sony  IEC Number:PR48  Color: Orange  Chemistry: Zinc Air  Volt: 1.4v  Capacity: 300 mAh  Size: 312  Diameter: 7.9mm  Height:5.4mm  Weight:0.80g • Equivalent Batteries: 13A, A13, 13AE, DA13, 13HPX, AC13, P13, PR13H, ZA13, PR48, B0134, B26PA, DA13H, DA13N, 13HP, AC13E, AC13EZ,ME8Z, L13ZA, W13ZA, S13A, 13SA