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Cross Reference for Following Manufacturers Part Numbers:
ArmNote CY25 ArmNote CY27 200ARC65007396500887 AD-6019A 504030-015 504030-0166000 8000GS 8000SN 8000VN A10 A10 DXT A10 XTC AA-PA0N90W and E AA-PA0N90W and UK AA-PA1N90W AD-4019 AD-4019R AD-6019 AD-6019(V) AD-6019A AD-6019R AD-8019 AD-9019 AD-9019S ADP-40MH AP11AD002 API1AD02 Aquila Aquila C Corona GT6000 GT6330 GT6330XT GT6360 GT6360XT GT6400 GT6400XV GT7000 GT7700 GT8000 GT8100 GT8600 GT8600XT GT8650 GT8650XT GT8700 GT8700XT GT8750 GT8750XT GT8750XV GT8800 GT8800XT GT8800XV GT8850 GT8850XT GT8850XTD GT8900 GT8900DXV GT8900XTR GT8910 GT8910KXV GT9000 GT9000 PRO M40 M40 plus M50 N110-12PBK NC10 NC20 NP-Q1 NP-Q1EX NP-Q1U NP-Q30 NP-Q30 Plus NP-Q35 NP-Q70 NP-R50 NP-X20 NP-X60 NT-X11 P28 P30 P35 P40 P460-44G P460-44P P50 P560 AA02 P560 AA03 P560 AA04 Q1 Q1 Ultra Q1EX-71G Q1U Q1U-ELXP Q1U-SSDXP Q1U-V Q1U-XP Q1UP-V Q1UP-XP Q210 AS01 Q210 AS05 Q210 FS01 Q30 Q30 plus Q310-34G Q310-34P Q35 R20 R20-Aura T2350 Declan R20-Aura T7200 Deva R50 R505 FS02 R505 FS03 R505 FS04 R510 AS01 R510 AS04 R510 AS05 R510 AS07 R510 AS08 R510 FA01 R510 FA02 R510 FA06 R510 FA07 R510 FA09 R510 FA0E R510 FS01 R510 FS08 R510 FS09 R510 FS0A R510 XS01 R55 R610 AS02 R610 AS03 R610 AS04 R610 AS05 R610 AS06 R610 AS07 R610 AS08 R610 FS02 R710 AS01 R710 AS02 R710 AS08 R710 AS0A R710 AS0B R710 AS0D R710 FA01 R710 FS01 SAM-AA-PA0N90W SAM-SPA-X10 Sens 690 Sens 820 Sens 830 Sens 900 Sens 950 Sens Pro 680 Sens Pro 850 Sens V10 SN6000 SPA-690E and E SPA-690E and UK SPA-830E and EUR SPA-830E and UK SPA-A10E and E SPA-A10E and UK SPA-P30 SPA-P30 and US SPA-P30E SPA-P30E and E SPA-P30E and UK SPA-T10 and UK SPA-T10E and EUR SPA-V20E and E SPA-V20E and UK SPA-X10 SPA-X10 and E SPA-X10 and UK T10 V20 VM6000 VM6300 VM6300cT VM7000 VM7550 VM7550cT VM7600 VM7600cT VM7650 VM7650cT VM7650cXTD VM7700 VM7700XTD VM8000 VM8080cXT VM8090cT VM8090cXTD VM8095cX VM8100 VM8100cX VM8100cXTD VM8100XTD VM8110cXTD VM8110XTC X05 X05 Plus X1 X1-1200 Bliss X10 X10 plus X11 X11-Pro T2600 Baviall X11-Pro T5500 Bugomi X11-Pro T7400 Bennett X11-T2300 Carl X11-T2300 Culesa X11-T5500 CeSeba X11c-T5600 Calest X11c-T7200 Carlin X15 X15 plus X20 X22 X30 X360 AA02 X360 AA03 X360-34G X360-34P X460 AS03 X460 FA01 X460-44G X460-44P X50 X50 WVM 2000 X60 X60-Pro T7200 Benito X60-Pro T7400 Boxxer

Warranty Information

1 Year From Date of Manufacture