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Private Label Battery

Posted by Battery Hero on

Private label products are constantly gaining a bigger market share worldwide as they provide mutual advantages both for the retailer and the end user.

Having the technical expertise and long lasting experience, we can support you in the design, production, branding and distribution of your “Own label” batteries. Your private label series can be applied to all consumer battery types and sizes (e.g. zinc-chloride, alkaline and rechargeable/AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) in order to meet every market segment’s requirements.

These batteries are ISO and CE certified and are characterized for their high quality and performance, thus fulfilling end users’ expectations.

Small Battery Tips - 1

Don’t leave small batteries (NiMh, NiCd, Li-Ion) on charge for long after they are fully charged, and certainly not for days on end.A monthly or bi-monthly full discharge and charge works well for small batteries (but don’t do it every time you charge them, just occasionally) but it is bad for lead acid batteries.Most rechargeable [...]

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