65991-82B / YTX20-BS 12 Volt 19 Amp Hrs Sealed AGM / V-Twin Heavy Duty Power Sport Battery

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Product Overview

Our Adventure Power® V-Twin Series consists of a full range of batteries including
Standard and High Performance batteries.

The V-Twin Series is specifically designed with rugged construction for the
high heat and high vibration environment of V-Twin motorcycles.

These Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries with AGM separators
are safe to ship by air and are maintenance-free.

With the inclusion of the UBVT-7, our V-Twin battery for electric-start
shovelheads, Adventure Power® has a maintenance-free battery available
for every Harley-Davidson motorcycle made since 1964.

AGM sealed technology has redefined the motorcycle battery:

- Maintenance free, so no more filling with acid.

- Will not leak, even in the upside-down position.

- Lead-Calcium plates more than double the storage life.

- Valve regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) design means low
gassing during charging.

Packaging complies with DOT ORM-D standards for shipment via Common Ground Carriers.