CR80 Magnetic Card Reader and Keyless Lock Cleaning Cards - 200 Pack + Free Shipping

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Product Overview

3 3/8” x 2 1/8” Card Reader Cleaning Cards, CR80, 50 cards/box

Made with compressible fibers for superior cleaning performance, this double-sided cleaning card cleans the read head and entire track of a magnetic stripe reader in one pass.

The card can be used in insert, swipe, and motorized readers. Magnetic card readers are used extensively in various industries.

These readers are a key component in ATM's, POS, Credit Card and Insert equipment. Reader failures and errors are linked to dirty reader heads caused by poor maintenance and the contaminants.

The not-so-hidden costs of neglect include customer dissatisfaction, frequent service calls and lost production.

• CR 80 Card Size = 3 3/8” x 2 1/8”
• Pre-saturated and individually sealed
• Reduces residue build-up without dismantling equipment
• Quick, easy, inexpensive preventative maintenance
• Contains 99.7% isopropanol (IPA)

Card reader cleaning cards will clean:
• Credit & Debit Card Swipe Terminals
• POS Terminals
• Swipe and Dip ATM Machines
• Petroleum Pump Card Readers
• Credit Vending Machines
• Security/Time/Badge Readers
• Smart Card Readers
• Telephone Card Readers
• Slot Machines
• Hotel Door Locks
• Key Card Readers
• Player Tracking
• And many more applications!

Recommended Usage: Once per week for internal or low usage Card Readers and once per day for external or high usage Card Readers.

Usage Directions:
1) Open pouch and remove Head Cleaning Card.
2) Insert Head Cleaning Card into card reader 5-6 times in the same manner you would insert a regular credit card.
3) After Head Cleaning Card has been run through the card reader, wait a second to allow the Head Cleaning Card to dry.
4) Reinsert the dry Head Cleaning Card into the card reader a second time to allow the card to remove stubborn contaminants.
5) Discard the used Head Cleaning Card.


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