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Energizer Max Alkaline AA Battery E91 1.5V - 4 Pack

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Since its commercial introduction in 1959, the Alkaline-Manganese Dioxide battery has advanced to a dominant position in the portable battery market. Out of them, The Energizer MAX family is well known and appreciated for its long-lasting power. The AA and AAA sizes are now #1 longest-lasting MAX batteries. They almost hold their power for up to 10 years while in storage so that you get the power when you need it most. So, when it comes to toys, digital cameras and other valuable devices, you can feel confident knowing you have the long-lasting power and protection you'd expect from Energizer. • Features:  Higher energy density  Superior service performance at all drain rates  Superior cold temperature performance  Lower internal resistance  Longer shelf life  Greater resistance to leakage  Associated Battery Sizes: 15A, 15D, 15LF, 2AA, 815, AA, AL-AA, AM3, Double A, E91, EN91, FR6, KAA, L91, LR6, LR6XWA, MN1500, MX1500, PC1500, R6, UM3 • Specifications:  Classification: Alkaline  Chemical System: Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2)  Designation: ANSI-15A, IEC-LR6  Nominal Voltage: 1.5 volts  Nominal IR: 150 to 300 milliohms (fresh)  Operating Temp: -18°C to 55°C (0°F to 130°F)  Typical Weight: 23.0 grams (0.8 oz.)  Typical Volume: 8.1 cubic centimeters (0.5 cubic inch)  Jacket: Plastic Label  Shelf Life: 10 years at 21°C  Terminal: Flat Contact