FullRiver 8 Volt 180 Amp Deep Cycle Agm Battery


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Product Overview

BCI Group Size 8 

Croos Reference to Trojan T875

Maintenance Free - Sealed Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Fullriver engineers met their goal of designing a Deep Cycle VRLA battery with the highest possible reserve capacity, longest cycle life and low internal resistance, while achieving superior cranking performance.

Deep Cycle batteries are designed to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times. They are designed and built differently than automotive starting batteries. They use more lead, heavier plates and other proprietary materials that enable them to deliver more power and capacity over many life cycles. Deep Cycle batteries are used in many applications including; Boats, RVs, Solar and Wind power, Electric Vehicles, Electric Golf Cars, Floor Cleaning machines, Aerial Work Platforms and many more.

Key Features:

  • Sealed construction
  • High density paste
  • Heavy duty thick grids
  • Lead-Calcium-Tin grids
  • High porosity microporous glass mat separator
  • High separator compression
  • ABS case and cover resins
  • Pressure regulated safety relief valves
  • Brass terminals
  • Epoxy terminal seal
  • Low self discharge rate at 1% per month
  • Low internal resistance
  • Tank information
  • 10 day plate curing process
  • Certifications and industry standards include ISO9001, UL, CE, TUV, DIN, BCI & JIS
  • Available in all standard industry sizes and capacities


  • Maintenance-free, spill proof, non-hazardous, DOT, IATA, ICAO and IMDG approved as safe for land, air and sea transportation, environmentally friendly
  • High capacity and long life
  • True deep cycle construction for long life
  • Optimum strength, superior corrosion resistance and good deep discharge recovery
  • Enhanced electrolyte retention maximizes capacity
  • Good contact between electrolyte and plates for better performance
  • Rugged construction, shock and vibration resistant
  • Safe operation of batteries
  • Superior conductivity
  • Sealed to prevent acid leakage
  • Significantly longer shelf life than conventional wet batteries
  • Faster recharge time than conventional wet batteries
  • Ensures fully formed, voltage matched plates
  • Superior bonding of paste to grids for long life
  • Recognized around the world
  • Meets all application requirements