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Our offices, warehouses, and shipping department will be closed. Customer service will not be available.

More info will be posted next week. BDH.

YTX14AH 12 Volt 14 Amp Hrs Sealed AGM Power Sport Battery

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Product Overview

Our Adventure Power® Sealed AGM Series consists of a full range of batteries including
Standard and High Performance batteries.

AGM sealed technology has redefined the motorcycle battery:

- Maintenance free, so no more filling with acid.

- Will not leak, even in the upside-down position.

- Lead-Calcium plates more than double the storage life.

- Valve regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) design means low
gassing during charging.

- Increased CCA performance.

- The Adventure Power® line includes several upgrade
options like the UT12C,which is sealed AGM upgrade
of the popular UB12A-A (YB 12A-A) conventional
battery type.

Packaging complies with DOT ORM-D standards for shipment via Common Ground Carriers.