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Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 - 120 ct. + FREE SHIPPING


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20 Packs of 6 - 120 Batteries

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Duracell Hearing aid Batteries DA10, 1.45v Zinc Air, 4 Batteries in a pack. This long-lasting 1.45-volt EasyTabTM zinc air battery has clearly visible easy-to-grip tabs to simplify battery replacement. Also known as: VT10, XL10, AP10, 10HPX, 10A, R10ZA, 10AE, L10ZA, AC230E, ME10Z, PR536, DA230, ZA10, V10AT, PR536, DA10H, AC10/230, 7005ZD, PR70, PR-230PA, 230HPX, 20PA, DA230, 230HPX, PR-10PA, PZA230.

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