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Energizer L92 AAA Lithium Batteries 1.5V - 8 Pack

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If you want your favorite and urgent device to perform at the peak of its performance and want your battery not to leave you in the time of urgency, then it’s time to think about using Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries. Because nothing outlasts this series of battery when it comes to durability, continuous power draining and many more things we want a powerful battery does have. Energizer AA/AAA Lithium Batteries are reviewed by the users to be found as good as new even after dealing for a good amount of time. • Features:  Compatible in devices using primary 1.5 volt “AAA” battery sizes.  Outstand any other primary battery types when the power generation is in question.  Provides longer service than other primary battery types in moderate to heavy drain applications.  Higher operating voltage and flatter discharge curve than other primary battery types.  Superior leakage resistance.  Outstanding service maintenance when stored at ambient conditions.  Good service maintenance after high temperature storage up to +60°C.  No added mercury, cadmium, or lead. • Specifications:  Classification: "Cylindrical Lithium"  Chemical System: Lithium/Iron Disulfide (Li/FeS2)  Designation: ANSI 24-LF, IEC-FR03  Nominal Voltage: 1.5 Volts  Storage Temp: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)  Operating Temp: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)  Typical Weight: 7.6 grams (0.3 oz.)  Typical Volume: 3.8 cubic centimeters (0.2 cubic inch)  Max Discharge: 1.5 Amps Continuous  (single battery only) 2.0 Amps Pulse (2 sec on / 8 sec off)  Max Rev Current: 2 uA  Lithium Content: Less than 1 gram  Typical IR: 140 to 180 milliohms (depending on method)  Shelf Life: 20 years at 21°C