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Renata CR2430 3V Lithium Coin Battery 10 Pack

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Wide metallic utility spectrum of Lithium has been incorporated in the battery cells by RENATA and ever since, the production started, the range of its applications began to grown significantly. In addition of powering memory backup applications, lithium batteries have occupied the user manual of a wide range of day to day applications. Starting from computer to automotive industries, telecommunications to medical industry, portable devices to storage device, anywhere you name it “Renata” lithium batteries meet the highest quality standards and also offer excellent reliability. Renata CR2430 is one of the specialized lithium coin battery in the CR Series dominating the demand of its own kind. • Special Features:  Nominal voltage of 3V, approx. twice the voltage level of alkaline button cells  Low self-discharge of less than 1% per year at 23°C  Best practical capacity/volume ratio  Superior leakage resistance  Excellent storage characteristics, up to 10 years storage with minimum deterioration  Safe products: all Renata and MFR coin cells are UL-recognized products (File No. MH14002)  Environmental-friendly, do not contain toxic substances  Available in a wide range of solder contact configurations or in combination with our battery holders • Equivalent Batteries: Rayovac CR2430, Duracell DL2430, Energizer CR2430, AWI L20 • Specification:  Battery size: CR2430  Part No: 700359  Chemistry: Li / MnO2  Capacity: 285 mAh  Voltage: 3V  Operating temperature: (-40 °- +85° C)  Diameter: 24.50 mm  Height: 3.0 mm  Weight: 4.1g  Battery Terminal Type: Button Top