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BBW is an Industry leader in the Sealed Lead Acid battery business by providing a product with longer life, more power, lowest self discharge and high performance. Employing advanced equipment and a diversified product line has created a Customer First and Quality Insurance you would expect from a leader.

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Fits and replaces: DJW121.2 WKA121.3F DJW12 1.2 GTO PRO RB422 RB422 Mighty Mule FM250 Automatic Gate Opener Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock GTO FM145 LICHPOWER DJW121.2 LC-R1213P Panasonic LC-R121R3P 12 VOLT 1.3AH SLA121.3 SLA1.2-12 Lichpower LB 14A.AZ DJW121.2HD 12V1.2AH DJW121.2 Lich Power Tribar Industries Radar Gun NP 1.212 SLA1.2/12 12V 1.2 12V 1.2AH Fisher Scientific -80 C freezer model #1814CA12, SLA1005, PS1212, UB1213, NP1.2-12, PowerSonic PS-612, Panasonic LC-R61R3PU, Panasonic LC-R6V1.3P, Sonnenschien A206/1S Sonnenschien A506/1.2S, CSB/Prism GP612, CSB/Prism GP613, GS Storage (Portalac) PE6V1.2F1, Hitachi HP1.2-6 Johnson Controls JC612, Volcano KB612, Yuasa NP1.2-6, 12 volt 1 Ah, 12 volt 1.1 Ah, 12 volt 1.3 Ah, 12 volt 1.4 Ah, 12 volt 1.5 Ah.


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1 Year