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Sony Murata 392/384 - SR41SW Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery 1.55V - 5 Pack + FREE SHIPPING!

Sony Murata

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Sony Murata 392/384 - SR41SW Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery 1.55V - 5 Pack

The Murata (formerly Sony) SR41 also known as a 392-sized coin cell is a composed of silver oxide and is ideal for replacing worn out button batteries that were previously powering low-draining continuous-use devices. With a silver oxide chemistry, the SR41 provides a low self-discharge and stable output voltage, which makes it an ideal battery in watches, calculators, and other small devices. The SR41 can also be used in medical devices like digital thermometers, glucometers, and heart-rate monitors. Due to the niche-size of this cell, it is important to make sure that it is recommended for replacement in your device. Additionally, with a 4-6 year shelf life, it is a perfect battery to buy in bulk simply so that you will always have a quantity on hand when one runs out of power after a year's worth of service.

Dimensions: 7.9 mm x 3.6 mm

Equivalent Batteries: 392, SR41W, SR41SW, SR4, SR736, S736E, V392, 392A, 92A, D392, 392, 192, GP392, L736, LR736, G3, G3A, V3GA, V36A, LR41, GP192, 384, D384, V384, SP384, 247D, 247, CX41, K, RW87, 280-13, SB-B1