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Panasonic BR1225 3V Lithium Coin Battery

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The Panasonic BR1225 Lithium Coin Cell is a powerful and dependable power source designed for use in sophisticated small electronic devices. The Lithium Coin BR1225 has a proven track record for appliances where traditional batteries cannot be used. The battery can be used for car security (car alarm/key fob batteries), organizer (backup battery for PDA such as Psion etc.), glucometer, electric thermometer, calculator, computer equipment communication equipment, electronic watches/clocks, card radios, and data packs for video cameras. • Features:  Usable in a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to +80°C)  Very high weight-to-power ratio  High leak protection  Low self-discharge; long shelf life: up to 10 years  No mercury added  Extremely small self-discharge for long service and shelf life  Compact and lightweight with extremely high energy density per unit weight  Strong load pulse characteristics • Specifications:  Battery Size: BR1225  Battery Chemistry: Lithium Poly-Carbon monofluoride  Nominal Voltage: 3.0V  Nominal Capacity: 48 mAh  Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +80°C  Shelf Life: 10 Years  Dimensions: Diameter 0.50"(12.5mm) x Height 0.10"(2.5mm)  Weight: 0.01 oz (0.8 g) • Replaces: DL1225, ECR1225, CR1225, DL1225B, BR1225-1W, CR1225-1W, KCR1225, LM1225, 5020LC, L30